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3-in-1 Table | Coffee Table, Tatami Table and Dining Table

The Ulisse Table stands out as a sleek low profile coffee table which easily extends out to a large dining table. This space-saving piece is adjustable to various heights — from coffee table, tatami table to dining table —  thanks to the gas mechanism helping to lift and lower the table effortlessly.


Dining Table Mode

Simply expand your table by flipping the table top, it can sit up to 8 persons in one time!


Hide under your couch

When Bessy Table in the lowest position, you can easily make it disappear under a bed or a couch. It is the perfect solution for those who want to live every centimeter available in the house.


Easy to Move

The table is easy to maneuver around in 2 directions as there are discreet locking wheels built into the base of the legs.


Premium Design

Legs finished in dark chrome for ease of maintenance and premium aesthetic. 

Available in wide variety of color and finishes, from melamine, veneer, mortar surfaces to solid wood.



  • High-quality craftsmanship MADE IN ITALY
  • Transformable table from coffee table to dining table, or vice versa.
  • Effortless transformation with synchronised opening with height adjustable base
  • Extended dining table can sit up to 12 persons (Equipped with 2 extensions wood panel)
  • 2 years warranty on mechanism.
  • Gas lifting base, freely adjustable at any height from 280 mm to 880 mm.
  • Easy to move with hidden wheels



  • Melamine
  • Wood veneer
  • Mortar Surface (Flame retardant, scratch and water resistant)
  • Solid Wood



  • Dark Chrome finished with metalizing process.
  • Anti-rust and anti-oxidize.
  • Heavy base to ensure the table remains stable after extended.
  • Easy to move with hidden wheels



  • Gas lifting base with elegant and smooth movement.
  • Operation cycle, 7000-8000 cycles
  • Safety Load: Low-50kg, High-100kg


Made to order

Ulisse Table (10 Pax) RM 14,699

  • Coffee Table Mode

    W 120cm x D 60cm x 28cm


    Dining Table Mode (extra 1 panel)

    W 170cm x D 60cm x 88cm


    Dining Table Mode (extra 2 panels)

    W 220cm x D 60cm x 88cm

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