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Mémoire by Mocof is one of the house brand of Mocof Space-saving furniture. The name Mémoire, means ‘memory’ in French. We hope that everyone that uses the Mémoire’s premium bedsheet will have pleasant dreams and memorable sleep.


And for us, it starts with a simple daily ritual: Sleep. High-quality bed sheets and balances bring a little luxury to the everyday. Explore sheets in silky smooth cotton with a high thread count in sizes ranging from single to super king size.


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Suite Collection by Mocof is one of the signature house brand.  We offer classy italian concept, luxury quality bed sheets.


Italy is home to some of the top fabric for spinning materials like Egyptian cotton and linen to make beautifully soft bed sheets. Italian sheets are woven from many fine materials that are known for their detail, comfort and quality.

A good night sleep start from good bedsheet.

The Best Bed Sheet in Malaysia for High-Quality Sleep

Sleeping has and always will be the most integral part of human lives. Your quality of sleep determines your quality of life. The better you sleep, the better life gets. It is as simple as that. The question is, how can we ensure that YOU get your quality sleep. It all starts with the bed sheet set.

How can a bed sheet brand achieve this? Through the deliberate process of creating a bed sheet that caters to all. MOCOF accomplish this by ensuring the highest quality in every aspect, and these bed sheets come in gorgeous designs to hopefully inspire you and your loved ones. The variety of patterns from our bed sheet collection allows more flexibility in creating the mood and can turn any bedroom into one that is uniquely yours.

Purely and Authentically Cottonized Bed Sheet with Memoire Collection

Make everlasting memories with MOCOF’s Memoire Collection bed sheet Malaysia. Made of 100% cotton, these gorgeous bed sheet designs are made in Oeko-tex Standard 100 Factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Free from over 100 harmful substances and chemicals, these pure cotton bed sheets are more than safe for you and your loved ones to use. Unlike other bed sheets, the effort to produce a single product goes through a lengthy and detailed process to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Bed Sheet Fabric That is Hypoallergenic & Skin Loving

If you have sensitive skin and that has made you extra careful in choosing bed sheets, linen, or quilt cover, rest assured as this time around with Memoire Collection, it is 100% cotton, breathable, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic.

To top that off, it is dust-resistant and durable! It ticks off a lot of boxes for a high-quality bed sheet indeed. Due to its fade-free, dust-free, shrink & wrinkle-resistant nature, that allows for easier washing. Your skin will feel pampered in its care, now available for YOU in MOCOF.

Sleep Just Hits Different with Soulful Living Bed Sheet Collection

With our Soulful Living Collection, we display over 40 different bed sheets, all made from 100% Egyptian Cotton. With over a 1000 thread count, the highest being 1600 TC Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet Set infused with 100% silk. One could only imagine how soft and unreal the fabric would feel.

Getting back from work, weary and tired, you let yourself fall into the embrace of the 1600 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheet and let it do its magic. It’s not a question that the comfort is satisfactory and guaranteed. The bed linen also comes with buttons and 4 corner ties to make sure that your comforter remains unmoved. No more odd space in the sheets!

Top Quality Bed Sheet of 100% Egyptian Cotton Infused With Silk

You might be wondering if there’s even a difference between usual cotton and Egyptian cotton. To be clear, both Egyptian and regular cotton come from different plants. Hence, each of them possesses different qualities - which result in different qualities of bed sheet sets.

Egyptian cotton is handpicked and therefore results in more delicate threads. These are then woven into each square inch to produce a softer and more flexible fabric. Besides previously mentioned benefits, MOCOF’s Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet adheres to strict quality manufacturing standards while at the same time preparing designs that are suitable for all seasons!

Tencel Bed Sheet If Stuffy Sheets Aren’t Your Thing

Did you know that the smooth fibre surface of Tencel Lyocell fibres absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton? You might be wondering how this information is of any relevance in choosing a bed sheet. Well, this accommodates the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism. When you sleep, your body is in constant motion to maintain the equilibrium of your internal body temperature.

If a bed sheet or covers are stuffy, you would internally produce more heat, sweating more due to the materials trapping in moisture instead of absorbing it. Suite Collection of Tencel bed sheets is engineered to provide warm and dry sensations on the skin while keeping it cool. How? It’s just Tencel.

Luxury, Tension-Free Bed Sheet - Just Much Better Than Others

Tencel Lyocell fibres' ability to absorb moisture makes it tension-free; what that results in is no electrostatic charging! Not only that, but Tencel fibres also present a lustrous gleam, making textile look more luxurious. The deeper dye uptake and smooth fibre surface shine more intensively than cotton fabrics.

Glossy, smooth, vibrant, and much more robust than other cellulose fibres. It sounds too good to be accurate, but scientists agree, and research has proven it. All that’s left is for you to vouch for it, browse through MOCOF’s Suite Collection for some of the most luxurious duvet sets made of Tencel fibres, with an array of options in terms of designs and aesthetics.

King-sized, queen-sized and single bed sheets - get only the top-quality bed sheets from MOCOF. Buy the best bed sheets online now!

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