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The World First Sofa with Real Bed system

Sofa Bed Malaysia - Making the Best Out of Orzo Sofas

One thing that everyone really likes about the Spaze furniture collection is their dedication to providing not only style, quality, and sophistication but also the ability to conserve space with sofa beds, among others.

Less is more is a tried and true phrase, especially nowadays.

In today’s world, modern houses are always limited in space. Nevertheless, you definitely do not want it to limit your creativity or comfort either. Trust me, you do not always need more stuff in the house; you just need more transformable furniture. A modern sofa bed in Malaysia is absolutely one of them.

Minimalistic with Foldable Sofa Bed

Even if you have a lot of space to house more furniture, it is always best to avoid cluttering your space. You'd be surprised just how much more at peace you'd be if you did not keep too many items in the house. The same goes with sofas and beds - a combination of both can save your space from disarray. As a cherry on top, you can also get a double-decker sofa bed with MOCOF Duo Sofa Bunk Bed!

A minimalistic lifestyle goes a long way. It starts with keeping only a handful of essential belongings. Even if that is not the case, and you want to accommodate more guests but do not have space for another bed, that is where the Orzo Sofa bed comes in. A day bed sofa is what you need to keep them cosy and comfortable.

1 Seater Single Sofa Bed in Malaysia for More Space

This rings even truer if you are living in a studio apartment and you have your friends over. You'd probably realize you do not have an extra mattress for them if they wanted to spend the night. If you consider the size of your home, it may not be ideal to accommodate another full-sized bed for guests, expected or unexpected. However, it is a different story with a folding sofa bed.

Your space is not an issue if you have a sofa that could transform into a bed, especially if it is equipped with extra storage. Something about being able to stuff an extra comforter for guests under couches makes us giddy. It is rather safe to say that the preparedness to welcome and accommodate guests is an acquired taste, and here we are beginning to see the significance of something as trivial as a single sofa bed.

Never Go Out of Style with Modern Sofa Bed

Regardless of the reason, if you ever need an extra bed and storage in the form of a stylish, customizable sofa manufactured in Europe, you should check out the Orzo Sofa Bed collection. The sofa bed series in Malaysia can be an elegant sofa during the day, and a comfortable bed during the night. It can be the other way around too if you want!

The Orzo Sofa Bed is not any old transformable sofa either, it is one with a savvy compressed air mechanism, an effortless transformation with a wide selection of USA Sunbrella Performance fabrics (or leather!) of choice, and a 5 years warranty. A top-tier quality sofa to ensure your friends and family enjoy their visit--or stay--at your lovely home.

Get The Best Sofa Bed Price in Malaysia with MOCOF

If you are looking for the best quality sofa bed with best price in Malaysia for 1, 2, 3 seater sofa, the Orzo Sofa collection by MOCOF is the answer. Whilst the sofa bed can easily transform, it is not all there is to it. It has built-in discreet wheels that don’t inhibit the selection of legs or feet. Meaning cleaning is made easy, and if you wish to re-decorate or move it around, fret no more.

If you fancy an L shape sofa or a chaise lounge sofa, it also comes with built-in storage. Taking space-conserving to the next level with the Orzo transformable sofa bed series. For more information, contact us and visit our showroom now!

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