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Vertical opening wall bed with multi-functional designs

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How Murano Wall Bed in Malaysia Could Change Your Life?

Just how exactly can a wall bed change your life? To be fair, anything could be a game-changer if you write down the pros and cons. It might sound biased, but here is a long list of reasons why and how a wall bed could benefit you in the long haul.

If you are someone who appreciates an open and organized space or prefers a more minimalistic approach to not only life but home & decor, you'd probably want to stick around and read about Murano Wall Bed Series.

1. Wall Folding Bed - Out of Sight, out of Mind

Take a look around your house, and you'd probably realize there is more clutter than you'd like to admit. Not even that, take a look inside your room, where your bed is. You probably realize that there's not much of a change going on. You can't exactly move it around to change the ambience. You're constantly bumping into it, and things could look a little overwhelming... It's a little hard to keep a zen mode when your shin is always grazed upon the sharp edges of your bed frame, really.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a bed that you could push into the wall, or transform into a sofa or a table, to switch it up once in a while? Hence the phrase - out of sight and out of mind. Sometimes, all you need is not more furniture; sometimes, it's less. Murano wall bed series in Malaysia offers THAT solution. From single-size to king-size beds, an array of options for a wall bed (maybe just 3, but you get the point). At the end of the day, you get to push it all into the wall.

2. Personalize It and Make it YOUR Hidden Wall Bed

Hey, if you have a creative spark to you, Murano's wall bed collection encourages that! You have the option to CUSTOMIZE your wall bed to your liking. From the wall bed door, panel, frames, shelves, and desk, you can choose whether to have a more relaxed tone or something that contrasts your room. If you have an idea of how you want your wall bed to look, we'll try our best to make it a reality.

Might we mention that the headboard is washable? Who says a stylish bed can't be kept sanitary? And not to worry, the installation and carpentry are all on us, including a 10" MOCOF Double Posture Coil Mattress. A little bonus: If you feel like adding personality to your room, besides a fancy personalized wall bed in Malaysia, I'd recommend Miffy Star Light from the MR MARIA collection. They're a lovely piece of decor that is a surefire way to make any space look warm and welcoming. They're also ridiculously cute.

3. Premium Quality Wall Bed in Malaysia for a Good Night Rest

Let's say that we take your concern into consideration. We bid farewell to cheap materials, as the wall bed comprises high-quality mechanisms manufactured in Europe. Unlike other beds, MOCOF wall beds do not use hydraulics or springs and opted for a compressed air mechanism, which is more DURABLE than the previous mechanisms mentioned.

How durable, you might ask? It can withstand up to 200KG and up to 10 000 cycles. Even with that much durability, the wall bed still operates on a soft opening and soft closing system. Smooth and savvy. Despite all of this, it has up to 10 years warranty with a minimum of 5 years warranty on the mechanism. When we say premium quality wall bed, we mean it, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get in Style with Murano Wall Bed Series from MOCOF

A space-saving bed does not mean you need to compromise the style. A wall bed in Malaysia can be exciting, stylish and efficient to conserve space. Get the best of both worlds with the Murano Wall Bed series from MOCOF. For more information, contact us and visit our showroom now!

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