We are so glad to present you the fine selections of timeless creations by leading designers and independent brands around the world. Let's discover great designs and thoughtful ideas with us.



ACACIA is a Japanese brand specialize in food-safe and stylish woodenware. The woodenware is made of solid rubber wood which is environmentally-friendly. The food-safe nitrocellulose coating not only makes the trays colourful and stylish, it is also hygienic and anti-bacterial. It is suitable to use in cafes, restaurants or home to serve cakes, snacks or sandwiches. Time to serve with ACACIA today!


Designer Lighting

Have you met WattNott? It’s our playful, colourful, slightly wacky family of filament LED bulbs created to give the boot to squirrel cage Edison bulbs! At Plumen, design is our area of expertise but the whole point of the WattNott range was to mimic the classic shapes of the Edison bulb and add some teeny tiny design twists.


Designer Energy Saving Lighting

PLUMEN is the World First energy saving light bulb, and award-winning design that are ready to impress your guests anytime. Plumen uses 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb and lasts 8 times longer. It is also has long lifespan with 1 year warranty


Designer lighting

Mr Maria offers lamps and furniture for children of all ages. Meet Brown, Smiley, nanuk, anana, Miffy-beanbag and of course the miffy lamps.


Urban Gardening

Boskke (meaning ‘little forest’ in old English) was created to introduce abundant plant life into the cities we live in, through creating beautiful, functional gardening products that understand the challenges of city living.


Expandable chair

FlexibleLove is a medium of self-expression. Supported by a unique honeycomb structure, FlexibleLove expands and folds with creative ease, transforming any area into an interplay of space and your aesthetic vision.


Foldable furniture

The award winning Dutch foldable designer chair’ looks like a giant envelope and it turns into a designer chair. Simple.


Hizero Bionic 4-in-1 Mop

Introducing the HIZERO, the world's first 4-in-1 Bionic Mop for Dry and Wet Dual Cleaning. Handles All Wet and Dry Materials in One Simple Step. Better, Quieter and

Gentler than a Vacuum Cleaner!


Home Decor

Torafu Architects from Japan has designed a new vase made completely of paper. The Air Vase is a paper vase that enfolds air, creating a three dimensional illusion from lightweight but surprisingly strong paper. It is designed to have the shape and form adjusted for any purpose based on your creativity.


Lifestyle Magazine

B is an ad-less monthly publication introducing well-balanced brands around the globe.


Lifestyle Journal

Delving into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo.


Lifestyle Journal

Cereal is a biannual, travel & style magazine based in the United Kingdom. Each issue focusses on a select number of destinations, alongside engaging interviews and stories on unique design, art, and fashion.


Levitating, innovative and high-design products

FLYTE combines levitating technology with design to develop levitating products with a WOW factor. We set the light-bulb and the planter free.

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