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An Elegant LAGO Floating Air Bed

The extra-clear tempered glass that supports the floating, ethereal Air bed is fully transparent, which gives the appearance that it is floating. It feels as though you are sleeping in a cloud because of how the bed appears to float above the floor. The bed's platform is supported on four practically invisible glass legs, giving it a noticeable sense of lightness. The Air bed is a stylish, elegant bed that is ideal for any interior and is available in double, single, and three-quarter sizes.

Picking up the idea of the Air Sofa, the floating Air bed is quite adaptable. Parts like back rests, shelves, and drawers can be attached to the frame at any point, and you can even configure a shelf that runs the length of the bed.

Moreover, by installing a light under the base of the bed, you can create an exciting theatrical effect.

•    Lightness
•    Tempered Glass
•    1 Bed, 2 Heights
•    Accessorisable Frame

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