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Multiply Your Space Effortlessly

SPAZE Furniture: Welcome
SPAZE Furniture: Product


Vertical Opening Wall bed

The Murano wall bed is vertically opening wallbed designed with the latest European technology and innovation, and are far superior in quality, function and style to traditional Murphy Beds.



Horizontal opening wall bed

The Gioco Series is a horizontally opening, space saving wall bed system that take up less footprint.



Sofa with real bed

SPAZE Orzo offers ease of handling, comfort and versatility for sofa beds that provide the elegance and unique style. In a few simple steps the sofa converts into a full-sized bed ready to welcome you with innovative mattresses, carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort and support the body during your rest hours.



Sofa Bunk Bed

SPAZE Duo is a comfortable 5-seater sofa which transforms into a practical bunk bed in one simple movement. The Duo sofa bunk bed has a combined ladder and safety barrier system integrated in the structure; while in the bunk bed position, the ladder stands vertically and serves as further support.



Multi-functional coffee and dining table

Our collection of transforming tables feature the finest European-made transforming tables that maximize every square inch of your space



Foot Resting with single bed

Foot Resting OTTOMAN with a simple action, it able to transform into a single bed



Smart Kitchen

A revolution for every kitchen.

Multiply Your Space



SPAZE by Mocof is a Malaysian home-grown brand specialize in high quality, versatile and multifunctional furnishing solution. It provides the most creative ideas for you in urban dwellings and optimise the crunch of space in the ever-shrinking city dwellings.

We make our own SPAZE and deliver it directly to you. Without middleman, we strive to delivery the best quality furniture for your money via a single, fair and honest price. To get a right quotation that specific to your need, please visit our showroom to get inspired how the SPAZE can help you in many years.

Why Spaze Furniture by MOCOF Malaysia?

Elevate Your Space with MOCOF Online Furniture Store Malaysia

When speaking about furniture, there are endless possibilities in terms of style, concept, colour and arrangement.

Nevertheless, space is always the top consideration before you buy furniture. Even if you have ample space at home, you definitely need to be cautious about cluttering the area with unnecessary furniture. On the other hand, limited space requires more attention to make it functional and efficient with space-saving home furniture.

SPAZE Furniture by MOCOF helps you to maximize your space with multifunctional furniture, and elevate it elegantly, and effortlessly. Now, you can get the best of both worlds of style and space without compromising one or another.

Modern Furniture Like Murano Wall Bed to Change Your Life

Take a look around your house, and you'd probably realize there is more furniture clutter than you'd like to admit. Not even that, take a look inside your room, where your bed is.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a bed that you could push into the wall, or transform into a sofa or a table, to switch it up once in a while? Hence the phrase - out of sight and out of mind. Sometimes, all you need is not more furniture; sometimes, it's less. Murano wall bed series offers a furniture solution. At the end of the day, you get to push it all into the wall.

Murphy Bed as the In-Style Home Furniture in Malaysia

Buy furniture online that gives you space AND style. Besides having a wall that you can push out of sight and out of mind, you can utilize the area any way you want. Throw some bean bags, a grass carpet, or bring in that 3-in-1 table for some quick work on the floor.

Let your imagination run wild with all that available space, especially if you have a Gioco Single Desk that transforms into a desk when you’re planning to be productive and into a Murphy bed when you need a time out. Now you have more flexibility when you ought to move around furniture and instil some new vibe to your space.

Making the Best Out of Designer Furniture with Orzo Sofas

Even if you have a lot of space to house more furniture, it's always best to avoid cluttering your space. You'd be surprised just how much more at peace you'd be if you didn't keep too many items in the house. A handful of functional and stylish designer furniture with SPAZE is sufficient.

A minimalistic lifestyle goes a long way. It starts with keeping only a handful of essential belongings. Even if that is not the case, and you want to accommodate more guests but do not have space for another bed, that is where Orzo Sofa comes in.

Minimalist Furniture Online as Bunk Bed at Night

Have you come across a sofa that can change seamlessly into a bunk bed? Now you might be cautious, and you’d probably think that the minimalist furniture is not a safe or a practical sofa. But, Duo Sofa is a 5-seater sofa bed that can transform into a bunk bed! Two separate beds on top of each other.

In its epicness, the modern furniture transforms into a bunk bed, which means two beds, one on top of the other, and it also comes with a secret steel ladder that you can use to climb on the top bunk. Imagine if you have people over in your studio apartment, they can rest comfortably.

Transformable Table as The Best Online Furniture Malaysia

A transformable table is definitely the best online furniture that you can get. It is a piece of furniture that is meant to bring people together, a transformable table for small spaces (or even big ones). A table that can simply be a coffee table, or stretched wider to accommodate up to 14 people and become a dining table.

The table can expand diagonally or horizontally and has a gas lifting base to result in more elegant and smoother movements. It has discreet built-in wheels that make relocating this furniture to different corners of the room a much easier process, it’s a portable table as well!

MOCOF - Furniture Shop Malaysia to Cater Your Space

Furniture plays an important role in your space - it either makes or breaks your home. Get the best and buy furniture online in Malaysia at MOCOF for high-quality, space-saving and functional furniture. For more information, contact us or visit our showroom now!

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