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Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Studio Apartments

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

As the population of urban areas grew, so did the need for housing and real estate, which led to an expansion in the building of different residential complexes. These space-saving furniture hacks will enable you to maximise the space in your living room if you are a homeowner with limited living space.

The king and queen-size furniture that was available on the market at the time would not fit in these tiny homes and studio apartments. Even a twin-size bed left some rooms with very little room for movement for the occupants. A home with no spare space can become a health concern in the event of fires or other incidents where your route is blocked by a table that is too big for the room. However, this minor issue led to one of the most major advances in interior design: space-saving solutions. Furniture suddenly started to shrink into little more than a wall painting, and designers started locating storage areas in the most unexpected places. We now have a wide range of great ideas and options to pick from to make the most of our spaces after years of experimenting and trial.

Here are some great ideas for optimising the utilisation of your apartment by using space-saving furniture. Extendable tables As the name implies, these space-saving tables can be stretched into either their longer or shorter version depending on the situation. They are perfect for houses with a limited outdoor area that occasionally host large numbers of visitors. When necessary, a desk or coffee table in the corner can magically change into a dining table or a workstation. Sometimes these tables are only an extension or addition to another piece of furniture, such as a wall cabinet or platform for the kitchen. Creating magic with Beds One room must be used for everything in a studio apartment, but that's good! Inside a clean studio apartment, it is still possible to work, dine, and sleep. For instance, a Murphy bed is a fantastic sleeping option that saves room.

Like tables, even mattresses occupy a significant amount of space on the floor. When it comes to tables, a little smaller office or dining area may be accommodated, but an improperly sized bed might result in irregular sleep patterns, which can have negative health effects. Therefore, it is impossible to compromise on bed size standards. Murphy bed It is one of the best inventions in this industry since it furnished even the smallest apartments and gave them a feeling of space. A Murphy bed is a wall-mounted bed that can be unrolled out of the wall for anyone unfamiliar with the term. These beds come in a range of sizes, and you can even screen them off with some sliding panels or shelving. The bottom of these beds is frequently built so that it doesn't need to be hidden, making it appear like a decorative accent on the bedroom wall. Bunk Bed This bed is not mounted on a wall or suspended. Simply piled over one another, they resemble a few Lego pieces or train cabins. This makes it easier and more enjoyable for the kids to fit two beds in a tiny space. There is no space left, and it even looks interesting. Folding sofa bed For individuals who require a murphy bed but also desire a seat for the rest of the day, this bed is the ideal option. Even if the rest of the family must sleep in the living room because there is only one bedroom. The most popular choice for rental apartments is the sofa, which can be stretched into a bed for sleeping at night. Even the pillows from the set can be stored in them due to their unique design. Mocof is one of the largest space-saving online furniture store. we operate throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

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