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Willis is the big brother of the group, always the centre of attention at bars and restaurants around town. He's got that elegant, tear-drop shape that adds a bit of style to any home.

With an estimated lifetime of 25,000 hours and fitted with the latest dimmable LED filament technology, this gent is no fly by night. He’s a classic bulb given a Plumen twist. The WattNott insignia and turquoise tip shows he’s part of the family, even though he’s always standing out from the crowd.

Willis comes in two varieties: a traditional clear glass that gives off a warm light or a gold tinted glass which provides a super warm glow similar to candlelight.


2 Year warranty


Willis LED

RM125.00 Regular Price
RM100.00Sale Price
  • E27 ST64 Straight LED Filament Bulb (Tinted or Clear glass)

    • Lifetime of 25,000 hours
    • Fitting: Screw (E27)
    • Tinted: 4.4 Watt 
    • Clear: 4.3
    • Tinted: 315 Lumen
    • Clear: 500 Lumen
    • Tinted: Equivalent to a 29W Incandescent light bulb
    • Clear: Equivalent to a 42W Incandescent light bulb
    • Tinted: Colour Temperature: 2000K (Super Warm White Light)
    • Clear: Colour Temperature: 2700K (Warm White Light)
    • Dimmable: Compatible with most trailing edge dimmers
    • Dimension: 64mm x 142mm 
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