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Jannes Hako and Lennart Bosker for Mr Maria

First Light Lion is the latest addition to the cute Miffy First Light collection, which now has four friends: Miffy, Boris, Snuffy, and Lion. An incredibly practical lamp that is easy to use, acting as a friend to the little ones and a sweet helper to the parents.

The lion stands out from the rest of the Miffy collection as the lamp is yellow—the perfect addition to the child’s bedroom. Its playful mane frames an innocent face and is designed specifically for energetic children. A cool lion and brave protector that creates a sense of safety as a soothing night light.

The rechargeable LED module can be used anywhere. One charge lasts 24-100 hours depending on your preferred brightness. Made from BPA-free silicone, the lamp is soft to the touch yet light enough to bring with you on the go and on holiday. If you remove the LED module, you can even pop the lamp in the dishwasher. 

The lamp is easy to use, thanks to the two buttons on its base:

2.Setting one of the six brightness levels

Lion First Light Lamp

RM857.00 Regular Price
RM685.60Sale Price
  • Material: Silicone

    Colour: Yellow

    Height: 250 mm

    Width: 160 mm

    Depth: 190 mm

    Light source: 5W LED

    Dimmable: 6 step dimming

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