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Signoria - Duvet Cover Set 

100% Egyptian Cotton

1200Thread Count



The Dahlia flower is enchanting for its colorful and nuanced petals.

In the language of flowers it expresses gratitude as well as admiration and femininity.
The Giorgina collection is made of soft and shiny Egyptian cotton sateen to exalt all the elegance of its flowers.
Duvet covers, flat sheets, pillowcases, bottom sheets (with or without elastic), quilted coverlets and any other item can be produced in any size. Each product can be finished with simple hem or elegant hemstitch.

Made in Italy.



Easy Care: 

Machine washable, never fade, dust-free, no shrinkand wrinkle resistant. PLEASE use tumble dry low temperature. DON'T bleach or ironing.



Super Single

1 Super Single Fitted 107cmX190cmX35cm
1 Super Single Duvet Cover 150cmX215cm
1 Pillowcase 50cmX76cm
1 Bolstercase 38cmX106cm



1 Queen Fitted 152cmX192X45cm
1 Queen Duvet Cover 215cmX215cm
4 Pillowcases 50cmX76cm
1 Bolstercase 38cmX106cm



1 King Fitted 183cmX200cmX45cm
1 King Duvet Cover 250cmX215cm
4 Pillowcases 50cmX76cm
1 Bolstercase 38cmX106cm


Super King

1 Super King Fitted 200cmX200cmX45cm
1 Super King Duvet Cover 260cmX230cm
4 Pillowcases 50cmX76cm
1 Bolstercase 38cmX106cm



Product Options 

- We can custom made any size of bed sheet, just let us know what is your measurement. 


Shipping and Delivery
- Lead time for custom made bedsheet is 30 to 45 Working days.

Signoria Custom Made Bed Sheet Set

RM6,900.00 Regular Price
RM4,830.00Sale Price
  • 1. Read and check the care labels on the garments and linens. 


    2. Sort the garments and linens by light and deep coloured. 


    3. Wash at low temperature (30 degree Celsius). 


    4. Do not pour the detergent directly on the garments and linens. Pour the detergent in the dispenser of washing machine, and wash it after dissolving. 


    5. When hand washing, please stir and dissolve the detergent in water before putting it into the garments and linens. It is not suitable to pour the detergent directly on it. 


    6. Do not wash with alkaline or acidic detergents. 


    7. It is recommended to wash with laundry soap powder, or low-irritant detergent. 


    8. Use detergent that does not contain Phosphate, Bleaching Agents, Optical Brightener, Parabens and Formaldehyde. 


    9. Do not wash your linens with softener. 


    10. Place the linens in a laundry net before washing. 


    11. Separate the linens from other materials or clothing during the wash. 


    12. Use two separate laundry nets: One for the duvet cover and another for the pillowcase, bolster case and fitted sheet. 


    13. Turn the linens inside out to protect it during washing. 


    14. Avoid using a dryer machine if possible, but if necessary, use the lowest temperature setting only. Air-drying is recommended. 


    15. Follow the care label instructions and avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals.

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