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Mr Maria Boris Star Light is a timeless and ageless statement piece for your nursery or home. Boris Star Light by Mr Maria features a dimmer button positioned on the power cable. Fix the power cord to the USB adapter and the DC connector at the base of the lamp and put the plug inside the socket.

There is no other way to add a gentle touch of elegance to any space than the use of Mr Maria Boris Star Light. The Boris Mr Maria Star Light is a companion with a warm personality that adds cuteness and class to anywhere you want it to take its seat. Boris Star Light by Mr Maria adds a tender touch to any space, including the living room, kids’ room or even a study room.

Boris Star Light

RM1,869.00 Regular Price
RM1,495.20Sale Price

    Dimensions : 24 x 35 x 36 cm

    Material :Polyethylene

    Weight: 2kg

    Bulb included: Yes

    Power lumens :0 - 270 Lm (1 night mode & 5 normal modes)

    Max watt :3 Watt 

    Remarks :6 step dimming

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