Pendant set includes:

  • Plumen Light Bulb: 001, 002 LED or baby Plumen.
  • Drop Cap Pendant Set


The Drop Cap Pendant Set is a tailor-made accessory for Plumen bulbs - the Drop Cap covers the lamp holder, framing Plumen bulbs perfectly.

The Drop Cap Pendant Set comes with a painted metal ceiling rose, lamp holder, drop cap and also contains 2m of matching fabric cable. It can be installed onto any ceiling and the cable length can be adjusted to your preference.

 Designed by HULGER and Samuel Wilkinson

Plumen Pendant Set | Matte Black

SKU: 364115376135191
RM375.00 Regular Price
RM300.00Sale Price
    • Screw Fitting E27
    • Fabric Cable
    • Cable Length 2 metres
    • Ceiling Rose Material: Metal
    • Ceiling Rose Diameter: 55mm
    • Ceiling Rose Height: 50mm
    • Drop Cap Material: Metal
    • Drop Cap Diameter: 53mm at widest point
    • Drop Cap Height: 99mm
    • 100W Max
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