Drop Hat Set includes:

  • Drop Hat Lamp Shade 
  • Plumen Light Bulb
  • Drop Cap Pendant Set


    The Drop Hat Lamp Shade is a sleek metal disc, ideal for those who want to enjoy the beauty of a bare bulb with a refined and effortless lighting piece.

    Perfectly proportioned for Plumen bulbs, the Drop Hat creates stunning reflections and coloured glows, adding ambience to any space. Used in groups, the Drop Hat also creates a striking architectural gesture.

    Designed by HULGER

    Copper Drop Hat Set

    RM750.00 Regular Price
    RM600.00Sale Price
    Light Bulb
    Pendant Color
    Drop Hat Color: Copper
    • Pendant

      • Screw Fitting E27
      • Fabric Cable
      • Cable Length 2 metres
      • Ceiling Rose Material: Metal
      • Ceiling Rose Diameter: 55mm
      • Ceiling Rose Height: 50mm
      • Drop Cap Material: Metal
      • Drop Cap Diameter: 53mm at widest point
      • Drop Cap Height: 99mm
      • 100W Max


      Drop Hat

      • Material: Steel
      • Dimensions: 307mm x 15mm
      • Weight: 700g



      • Plumen 001: 11 Watt
      • Baby Plumen: 9 Watt
      • Plumen 002 LED: 5 Watt
      • Screw Cap (E27)
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