Brave and courageous will this little Brown lighting piece exudes a soft and warm glow.

He is rather timid and mild-mannered. He is tight lipped and it’s very hard to read his thoughts through his expressionless face but when he gets excited he is really passionate. When his friends Moon and Cony get into trouble, he is the one who uses his instincts to solve the problem. 


©LINE FRIENDSLINE FRIENDS is the brand of LINE’s original sticker characters.

LINE FRIENDS provide character goods of a high quality & unique design.


The ability to make an emotional connection with the product is a shared value of Mr Maria and LINE FRIENDS.


  • Line Brown comes in S and L sizes.
  • The L version is 52 cm tall with dimmable LED.
  • The S version is 31 cm high with dimmable LED.

  • 1 Year Warranty

Brown Night Lamp

RM1,167.50 Regular Price
RM934.00Sale Price
  • Color White

    Material Polyethylene

    Dimensions (cm) L×W×H = 25 × 25 × 50

    Weight 2 kg

    Dimmer Stepless

    Country of Manufacture Netherlands

    Lamp Type LED