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Message from founder of LEFF

Arno Ruijzenaars, the founder of LEFF sees a huge gap between the gift market brands and the beautiful high-end brands like Arne Jacobsen, Max Bill and George Nelson. Most of the time, those high-end brands are not selling in big volumes to avoid their brands being not exclusive enough. Most importantly, the market for such expensive clocks is finite. Would it not be great if people can have mid to high-end beautiful designer clocks with an outspoken quality, yet with affordable price?

That was the reason LEFF was created from sketch on, to make outspoken objects to tell the time which light up people's with interesting surroundings. Moreover, life is too short for dull design and boring basics. 

All LEFF products are masterpieces of designers from The Netherlands and international designers. Without boundaries in standard fix and limitation of design, our designers never stop to develop new products with personality and style. LEFF never fails to achieve the utmost attention to its durability and quality. A signature look of LEFF is the orange dot, which represents the brand identity of LEFF, where you can find it sometimes obvious and sometimes hidden at the back of the clock.

Our goal is to surprise our customers from the moment they unpack the clock, we take care of the whole concept which include the high quality packaging of the box to maximise the best protection for the clock, a service pack designed and composed by our team to ensure you install your clock without any problem with all the gadgets needed as possible, until the up coming years that your clock will be on your walls with compliments.

Arno Ruijzenaars, founder of LEFF


LEFF specialities


Silent movement

Lots of customers have been requesting for a silent movement clock without the annoying ticking sound. As a premium clock brand, all the clocks of LEFF are with a silent movement.

RC movement

Four models in LEFF collections are working on a radio-controlled movement where in every eight hours, a radio signal with the right time will be sent out to these clocks to ensure they are always on the most accurate right time at all time. 


All LEFF clocks are international registered to protect them from copied. We created the whole collection from sketch on, thus they are unique. It still may happen that some parties may copy us, but LEFF is strong in the brand itself. Why worry? 


Quality check

Before we pack the clock, an external company will check all clocks after production on quality. We want to guarantee our clocks will be in almost 100% good condition for our valued customers.

Japanese and German movement

with five-year warranty

We work with the Japanese movements from Seiko and the German movement from UTS, thus we can give a five-year warranty on our whole collection, which is another unique selling point of LEFF.

Designed to recycle

We are working as much as possible with recyclable materials or materials that are designed to recycle. If there is a possibility to make your product as green

as possible, why would you not do it?