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Flux Tablet Tower


Flux Tablet Tower is very modern and the perfect for the range for use in the exhibition and events industry to engage customers or visitors. 

Just like any Flux product, Flux Tablet Tower can be folded completely flat, lightweight, portable and extremely stylish. It is an innovative, contemporary display solution and really does tick all the boxes for both style and practicality of a modern day must-have for any marketing team. 

It has been designed to ensure the tablet is locked away for security and peace of mind.

Traditional counters are heavy, old-fashioned and not at all easy to transport, flux is a fantastic alternative if any of these are a consideration when looking for a new counter. With its smart design, there is a clever inbuilt shelf to keep the counter top clutter-free, this has been designed to be the perfect size for a tablet, laptop, keyboard or even your brochures and notebooks.


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How to make Flux Tablet Tower a flat piece?


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