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Graypants is a conceptual design studio that responsibly create products, architecture, and other fun things around the world. 

Founded in 2008, Graypants operates teams in Seattle and Amsterdam solving problems and collaborating with clients and retail partners worldwide.

The lights designed by Graypants are definitely Scraplights – 100% made out of salvaged cardboard. The Seattle-based office Graypants designed a series of pendant so called Scraplights – lights created out of salvaged and sliced cardboard sheets that are formed to spheres.

To form the Scrap lights, rings are cut by laser out of these found cardboard boxes, layered and then glued together to spheres in a way that light can fall through to cast shadows on the wall. These spheres are coated to be fire-resistant before they are hung from the ceiling as semi transparent pendant lamps.

Even though the Scrap lamps designed by Graypants are around for a while they are still striking examples of how to transform used materials into elegant design: Easily built, affordable and environmentally responsible.


Scraplights specialities



Scraplights are precision cut with a laser, then assembled by hand. 

Sight variations in colour or corrugation pattern are a biproduct of the handmade process and make your Scaplight truly unique. 

Old boxes are tough and your Scraplight is too, but please treat it with kindness.

If your Scraplight is damaged, feel free to contact us.


Scraplights are made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. They are not meant for damp conditions or outdoor use. 

Cleaning is simple. We recommend a quick spray with a can of compressed air to remove dust. 

All shades are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant.

To reduce the rish of fire, only use a recommended bulb with your Scraplight.


When you first got your Scraplight, did you have a strange urge to make s'more? 

That campfire smell is not your imagination. We like to think of it as an aromatherapy bonus.

The laser cutting process slightly burns the edges of the cardboard, which leaves a lingering smoky smell. It will diminish over time.


Scraplight collection


DISC Series

DISC_16 Scraplights


DISC_24 Scraplights


MOON Series

MOON_10 Scraplights


MOON_14 Scraplights


MOON_18 Scraplights