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After the concept for a 'one piece foldable designer chair', Flux Chair was born, Flux Column is another master piece of Tom and Douwe.

Are you bored with the ordinary bar table or rostrum seen in the market? Flux Column will totally change your opinion about how beautiful and versatile a bar table could be.

You will be amazed that this beautiful Column can sustain up to 100kg , yet it is made of weatherproof polypropylene which is a perfect piece for not only indoor but outdoor as well. With its smooth curves and silk matte finish, Column is the first foldable bar table that really holds its own as a design piece. At 18mm when folded, it is over 80% flatter than anything else out there.

Flux Column's best companion is the Flux Pillar, the bar stool, where you can rest your foot there while enjoying your chat with your friends or drinks!


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