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FlexibleLove - The Story

Once upon a time, there was an artist who set out to create a living piece of furniture. 

He wanted to remember each day as a singular experience, never to be lived again. He wanted his creation to grow and age as he grew and aged, and for it to accompany his intimate poetry gatherings and crowded rehearsal parties, as well as his hours of solitude. 

The sittable centerpiece he envisioned would be like pointed shoes to a ballerina, or clay to a sculptor necessary to his craft. It would be an organic presence in his studio, dynamic and changing, without the sterility of leather and the aloofness of metal frames. It would be crafted out of simple wood and paper, and accommodate many visitors at once, or none at all. It would be foldable and recreated as one sees fit, like the magic of origami a piece of art ready to be performed.

Today, as the artists creation, FlexibleLove, is on display in living rooms, studios and galleries across the world, each FlexibleLove will continue to evolve. The imprinting of each user who has rested on these chairs is original. With time, FlexibleLove will only become more authentic to its surrounding.

By then, you will be the creator of your FlexibleLove as you have reshaped it, and given it life.  



FlexibleLove is a medium of self-expression. Supported by a unique honeycomb structure, FlexibleLove expands and folds with creative ease, transforming any area into an interplay of space and your aesthetic vision.

Each installation of FlexibleLove is unlike any other. Be it solitary brainstorming, or the sweeter moments with family and friends, FlexibleLove weaves together the physical markings of sitting with precious personal stories. It unites the space at present with unforgettable moments of yore, giving rise to an organic exhibition that is your authentic and personal creation.




FlexbleLove 8 seater - Earth 08


FlexibleLove 16 seater


Earth 16


White 16


FlexibleLove 20 seater - Virgin 20